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Conceptual explorations and ways to A-vangelize

Who'd've Signed?

Folks from the past who didn't suffer fools. Or a-holes.


The Peace Plan A Font

The official alphabet of a post-a-hole world.

Download this FREE font, install it on either a Mac or PC, then use it to share the vision of an a-hole-free world in your everyday documents.

The Original Concept

The beginning of a movement, 2010.


Defiant Doodling

Whiteboards, sticky notes, memos, forms, notebooks: all you need is a writing instrument to add the Peace Plan A icon to anything or scribble out the holes of existing "A"s.


Civic & Structural Applications 

Lots of "A"s out there, lots of holes to fill. Introducing, the "NAH" sticker series.

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