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Most movements involve everybody banding together. Which is fine, I guess. It's where you, the individual, absorb into the amorphous whole—the movement's dogma, policies, initiatives—and ride along to wherever "The Blob" of your particular cause schleps next.

Peace Plan A offers the diametric opposite. It's completely self-contained. YOUR self. Instead of getting tangled in the tendrils of Blob Mentality, you simply sign a pledge that you, yourself, will refrain from being an a-hole for the rest of your life. No meetings to sit through, or protests to attend or secret handshake to learn ... just your freshly pledged self interacting with the outside world while practicing a-hole-free behavior. It's no more complicated than that.


But it is more revolutionary. Because you aren't the only self signing Peace Plan A. Once we reach a sizable population of signatories, it'll be a much more pleasant, a-holeless planet for everybody.

So sign Peace Plan A. Then check out the A-vangelize and Shop pages for the tools and ideas to help advance humankind's most practical plan for peace—right down to the letter.

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