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No A-Holes 2024™

This election, don't vote against a party or platform, vote against a-holes.



Have your candidates signed Peace Plan A?

Contact their campaigns (phone, email, letter, text, social media) to find out. 

In no election in recent memory has it been more important to vote for PEOPLE over PARTY ... people who aren't a-holes.

People so committed to peace and civility that they would sign a statement saying as much, and back it with actions. People who would, further, stand against other a-holes across the country and the globe to advance, defend and preserve that peace.

But making this a-hole-free world a reality all starts with you. Sign Peace Plan A yourself. Then spread the word ... with the letter—that holeless "A" icon that says it all without saying a word.

Check out the Peace Plan A Shop to find the goods and gear that will help you A-vangelize wherever you go.

Peace Plan A. Sign it. Live it. That's it.

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