No A-Holes 2024

This election, don't vote against a party or platform, vote against a-holes.

Have Your Candidates Signed Peace Plan A?

ASK THEM. Contact their campaigns (phone, email, letter, text, social media) to find out.

A-lection 2024

In no election in recent memory has it been more important to vote for PEOPLE over PARTY ... people who aren't a-holes.

People so committed to peace and civility that they would sign a statement saying as much, and back it with actions. People who would, further, stand against other a-holes across the country and the globe to advance, defend and preserve that peace.

But making this a-hole-free world a reality all starts with you. Sign Peace Plan A yourself. Then spread the word ... with the letter—that holeless "A" icon that says it all without saying a word.

Check out the Peace Plan A Shop to find the goods and gear that will help you A-vangelize wherever you go.

Peace Plan A. Sign it. Live it. That's it.


Peace Plan A was invented to achieve true world peace through a practical yet powerful two-line form that allows individuals to pledge to not be a-holes. No A-Holes™ is a revolutionary new peace symbol (the hole-less "A") and rallying cry for Peace Plan A signatories to A-vangelize others to do the same. Once the world population signs, we will live in a peaceful, civil, harmonious, a-hole-free world. Easy.


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